American cheese is a common pasturized processed cheese which is particularly popular among younger diners. It is usually orange in color but may also be cream or white. American possesses a unique mellow taste similar to many white cheeses such as string, but with a subtle hint of orange cheese sharpness. This makes it a fantastic ingredient which allows the flavor of other foods with which it is paired to shine through without giving up distinct cheesiness. It is the preferred cheese for such foods as the grilled cheese sandwich, the cheeseburger, the cheese omelette and the bologna sandwich.

It is also especially useful for its melting properties. American cheese melts smoothly and at a fairly low temperature without becoming greasy, stringy or grainy. American cheese does not flow when it is melted, which makes it unfavorable for such uses as pizza toppings, but with a little stirring, it mixes easily with hot dishes such as tomato sauce, cream sauce and chili, adding its unique cheesy zing throughout the mixture where other cheeses may form globules.

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