The Cellars at Jasper Hill is an affineur located in Greensboro, Vermont. It was started by Andy and Mateo Kehler, who had started Jasper Hill Farm in 2003, first to age their own cheese, but ultimately to help local farmstead cheese producers reach and succeed in a national marketplace: as they describe it on their Website, “a bridge between small-scale production and large scale markets.”

Besides Jasper Hill Farm's own cheeses, The Cellars at Jasper Hill also ages and markets cheese produced by a number of other local farms:

In functioning as affineurs, they allow the farms with whom they work to concentrate on producing quality milk and developing their cheesemaking techniques, while their marketing services allow small locakl farms to compete on a national scale with large corporate cheese companies[3].

Company websiteEdit

The Cellars at Jasper Hill website is

External referencesEdit

  1. Cabot's partnership with Jasper Hill
  2. Landaff's partnership with Jasper Hill
  3. The Cellars at Jasper Hill home page

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